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The Boarding Kennel is open 365 days per year from 8  to 12 am and from 2  to  6 pm.  No access to the Kennel is possible outside of these opening hours, except special case with appointment.



The price is 30 € per day the first ten days and then 25 € per day. It is 15 €  per half day started. The full amount is payable on departure, except special agreement. In the event of default, the Kennel reserves the right to take any legal action to recover the amount oustanding.




The purpose of this agreement is to keep dogs, including accommodation, food, outings in the parks and potential treatment .

Each stay shall be subject to special agreement, by oral or written modes and by mutual agreement between the parties. Every extra day beyond the expected date will be invoiced at the normal rate referred to in Article « Price ».

The special agreement will automatically end at the expiry of the stay. The present conditions shall apply throughout the duration of the contractual relationship between the Kennel and the client.



The dog must have his vaccinations updated, specially the one against kennel cough.

The passport and the vaccinations certificates have to be shown at the time of the first visit.

The owner must protect his dog against internal and external parasites before leaving him at the Kennel. If a dog becomes infected during the stay, he will be treated at the owner’s expense.

The owner must inform the Kennel of any health or behaviour problem (biter, runaway dog…) and also of veterinary treatments (a medical prescription must be given). The Kennel can refuse a dog in a very bad health or a dog who can be contagious for the others.




The dogs are feeded with dry complete dog food  BRIT, ROYAL CANIN or NUTRAM supplied by the Kennel. If the owner prefers to provide the dog’s usual diet, it is possible to bring it.



We prefer not having comfort items (crate, toys…) because in case of anxiety or boredom, your dog and the other one in the same box can eat parts of comfort items and this can be prejudicial for their health. We accept no responsability in such cases.



The dog owner must inform the Kennel if his dog is used to run off by climbing over the wire fencing. In such a case, the dog will be placed in an appropriate box.



The owner commits to tell the Kennel if a female might be on heat during the stay. In case of heat not mentioned or occuring during the stay, all mesures will be taken to protect the female from covering but the Kennel won’t be responsible if, in spite of all the greatest precautions, this happens.



In case of desease or death of the dog, the owner will be informed as soon as possible.

The Kennel accepts no responsability in case of disease of one dog.  If the Kennel suspects a serious disease, the dog wil be examined by the veterinary in charge and the medical prescription will be followed. All the expenses will be paid by the dog’s owner.


In case of accident (wound with kennel’s facilities or fight between dogs), the Kennel will pay all the veterinary’s invoices.


If an urgent surgery is needed and we can’t reach you, do you accept the surgery is done ?


                                                                                   Yes      o                    No       o           


So as to satisfy to social needs of your dog and to help him/her not to be bored, do you accept that we let your dog in the recreative areas with the other dogs, knowing that this implies an injury risk ?

                                                                                   Yes      o                    No       o           

Has your dog been aggressive with other dogs in the past ?                 

                                               Yes      o                    No       o           


If a dog is not picked up one week after the date expected, the animal will be considered as abandoned and this will mean legal proceeding against the owner and the dog will be sent to the SPA.



According to articles 13 and 121 of the regulation (payment) of the European Parliament (EU 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016) on the data protection and in the article 32 of the law  ‘‘computing and liberties‘‘ of January 06th, 1978, the Pension Au poil informs his(her) customers of he implementation of the personal data processings. According to its commitments, the Pension Au poil does not sell the personal data of his(her) customers.


Besides, the Pension Au poil informs you that you have in this respect :


  • a right of access, rectification, interrogation, limitation, portability and disappearance of the data concerning you,

  • the right to oppose at any time, for reasons related to your particular situation, a processing of personal data, as well as a right to oppose the commercial prospection,

  • the right to define general and specific guidelines defining the manner in which you intend to exercise, after your death, the rights mentioned above.


To exercise these rights, you can send us (enclosing a copy of a signed identity document ) : an email to the following address :


Or a postal mail at the following address :  782 route de Pierre d’en bas, ‚01550 Collonges


Finally, your have the right to lodge a claim directly with the National Commission “Informatique et Libertés“ (CNIL).



This contract is subject to French Law. In the event of litigation, the court of Bourg-en-Bresse will be competent , subject to the provisions of public order of attribution of competence.



Pension Au poil is a member of the Consumer Mediator with the National Union of Dog and Cat Professions. As such, it is committed to respecting the client according to the ethical rules of the professions of dog and cat and accepts its system of mediation.


You can consult these provisions on the site :


I acknowledge having read the conditions aforementioned and declare to accept them.


Done at Collonges on : ……………………………………


The holder :  Name : ……………………………………… 


          Signature : ………………………………………….      The Pension Au poil :

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